The Week That Was... September 27th - October 3rd, 2015

The Week That Was… September 27th – October 3rd, 2015

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Pretty sure I had this idea before, but couldn’t make it stick. Putting together a quick synopsis of the week to show what I’d been up to without needing a full post for every little thing.

But the last time I did it? I overthought everything, getting too lost in the details to make it effective.

This time it’ll be quick, dirty, and good for people who just want the highlights of what your favourite blogger’s favourite blogger1 is up to!

So let’s go!!!

Sunday, September 27th

Started the week by wrapping up our church retreat at Camp Kwasind in Utterson, ON, a few hours north of Toronto. Little Man had a killer time, even going as far as finding comfort in the arms of other parents.

You do you, bro. You do you.

Also, I’m horrible at foosball.

Monday, September 28th

Met a friend at Como en Casa for some authentic Mexican food and conversation between the all-too-many meetings in my schedule.

This burrito is the truth.

Tuesday, September 29th

The day started rough as heck, but I made my way through it, past an apartment fire, getting the house a lot cleaner, and eventually meeting up with friends and marketers (aka new friends) for laughs and libations at The Wheat Sheaf.

I mean, sure, I had to walk 20 minutes in one of the few days it’s rained lately to get there, but I climbed a damn mountain before, man! Ain’t no big.

And shout-out to Zach Bussey and his instant video replay that helped me find a sweater that’d otherwise get left behind!

ilu, technology!

Wednesday, September 30th

Not wanting to repeat last winter’s mistake of braving -30 temperatures without a real jacket to protect me, I decided to invest in a Mackage jacket equal parts functional and stylish. Verdict’s still out whether it’ll be enough, but it’s a good deal better than what I had already!

Also found a little time to shave my head which was admittedly getting a little… (OVO) unruly.

Thursday, October 1st

I start the day basically singing the praises of the TTC’s Metropass discount Plan, which sends monthly  passes directly to your home at a discounted price. The lineups at the collector booth are a huge hassle at the start of each month, so bypassing that 5-10 minute wait is muy helpful!

Also, Life Pro Trip—if you use monthly passes for public transit, schedule a calendar reminder on the last day of every month so you can remember to swap the one in your wallet! This reminder’s literally improved my life!

Later that day, Schwinn Canada and I also formally announced our partnership with my new role as a Brand Ambassador and the new #CaseyxSchwinn hashtag! I’m sure you’ll hear plenty more about the journey in the months to come!

And one of the fun things about the #BloggerLife is when you have little packages waiting for you at home—and you know you’re a family blogger when your kid starts getting swag in the mail!

As part of a larger project I’ll unveil later this month, I’m celebrating Thomas & Friends’ 70th anniversary! Little Man’s all about the trains right now (or “choo-choo” as he calls them), and after the occasional exposure to Thomas’ adventures on Netflix, I think a toy that does 360° backflips should be a hit!


The only way our toys did 360° backflips is if we threw them across the room first!

Kid doesn’t know how good he’s got it!2

Friday, October 2nd

You know those times when you come up with a plan of action, figure out every step to the tee, and execute flawlessly, landing things better than you expected?

This… was not one of those times.

With my brother getting married at the end of the month and yours truly a groomsman, I figured I’d better get those measurements in for my suit, lest I sit at the head table wearing one of the birthday variety! Unfortunately, I got all the way to Yorkdale Shopping Centre before realizing… the Tuxedo Royale isn’t in the mall anymore3.

A bit of a wasted trip north, but I got some writing done at the very least, after a very productive work day.

But even more importantly about Friday…



Saturday, October 3rd

Family time is almost undoubtedly always busy, needing enough activity to keep the family going regardless of how everyone’s feeling.

After turning in early Friday to prepare, we started at Taylor Creek Park to get some maternity shots done with the wonderful Meghan from Olive and Ivy Photography.

Ah wait, let’s backtrack—I never got around to announcing that we’re expecting on the blog4!

Well we totally are—the little guy’s scheduled to join the ranks in January, and I’m sure he’ll change the game… just like his brother did!

But moving on.

Saturday wrapped the week up with a solid dose of the domestics, cleaning house and cooking grub at Casa de Palmer—I mean, when we didn’t step out for swimming lessons or groceries, that is5. I’d try my hand at cooking a turkey and it was quite the experience… but you’re going to have to wait ’til Monday to find out more!

All in all, a solid week—you’ll rarely find me sitting around doing nothing, so a week like this is all sorts of standard. And you know what—I really don’t realize how busy I am until I put something like this together—jeez, Casey, slow down, bro!

See y’all next week for more of the same,

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

  1. Unverified boast claim. ↩︎
  2. It is the unavoidable truth that we inevitably wind up sounding like our parents! ↩︎
  3. What was even more of a kick where it hurts was that I didn’t know it’d moved two blocks south of the mall ↩︎
  4. Two parents can be expecting, but only one is pregnant, amirite? ↩︎
  5. Shout-out to Flipp, an app that recently made grocery planning way easier in our home! ↩︎


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