#100HappyDays — Day 8 — Shaven, Not Stirred — A Selfie of Casey Palmer After a Haircut

What the hell is this new version of Blogger?

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Last updated on January 28th, 2024 at 10:21 pm

Maybe we should try it out. I dunno—just an idea. So yeah, just on stopover at home before I go out against for a night of fesitivities and likely drunkenness. Right. So after getting that iPod, iTunes has been steady running me for the better part of the week. But I still try to get things done here and there. Keep some progress happening. Can’t just sit on my ass and organize my music all day, right?

(returns home)

So now that I’m back, it’s POSTING TIME!

(1) So I try to draw my dudes in action poses and sequences here and there to get a feel for what I think it might look like. I need to do a lot more skate and snowboarding studies to really get a feel for Nick down, and how his particular style works. Here he’s supposed to be tricking on either a hoverboard, or some piece of plastic he found somewhere or something. Gotta know how to improvise, right?

(2) People tell me that a recurring theme in my work is that I like to put in a lot of little details. One of my coworkers called me “meticulous” today while we were out. I guess she’s right. I like to do clothing studies when I have time to really get a feel for how clothes are designed, worn, and the personalities they fit to. So freaking versatile and varied. I love it.

(3) A lot of this stuff is idly drawn while in class or on the bus or whatever. Just wherever the mind wanders to. I wish I could use my Microns while riding the bus—I’d get so much more done. But it is what it is.

(4) I even sketch at work, but it usually looks like crap ’cause I don’t have time to do anything too spectacular:

Sorry, y’all. Crazy tired.

Hope Sunday goes well for everyone!

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad


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