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The PROPER Way to Play With Your Food!

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It’s hard keeping things consistent as a parent—if I’m not letting the kids break rules at times, there’re rules I’m breaking myself. Don’t talk while you’re eating. Say “please” when you ask for something. Don’t talk to strangers. Eat your cauliflower. It must be confusing as a kid, trying to make sense of the world, but little is ever black and white.

But sometimes you have times where you don’t have to overthink the rules, and you have something that’s fun for the sake of it! And that’s exactly what Whippet wants us to remember with their new Whippet Sticks—that sometimes it’s okay to play with your food!

When is a Snack Not Just a Snack? When it’s a Whippet!

The newest entry in the Whippet product lineup, Whippet Sticks take the chocolatey goodness of Whippet Originals and add delicious chewy centres for a brand-new treat! Currently available in coconut and brownie, they aim to put the fun back in food culture without adding too much of the stuff that makes us feel guilty as adults. There’re no trans fats in each serving. They’re made with real chocolate. The coconut sticks use real coconut, and they all have no artificial colours! And if you’re like me with a little one weeks away from starting school, you’ll be happy to know they’re peanut-free! All in all, they’re wonderful little snacks if you’re looking for something quick to nibble on.

Whippet dares us to play with our food, asking “How Do You Whippet?” across their line of Whippet foods. With moves like the Sumo Squish, Marshmallow Twister, and the Brownie Tug of War, they show the silly side of snacking with various ways to mould and shape your Whippets into entirely new creations!

We had a little fun with it in Casa de Palmer, creating everything from Whippet moustaches to little Whippet rock piles—we even added a couple to some Dutch chocolate ice cream to create a killer dessert!

Whippet Sticks—Because You Deserve to be Able to Break a Rule or Two!

Some would say that rules are meant to be broken. You can totally wear white after Labour Day. And no, you don’t have to use I before E except after C. That’s right, even when it’s not sounded as “ay”—weird, right??? What I’m saying is this—as kids, we learn plenty of rules, but we don’t need to follow them all forever and a day! Whippet wants us to rediscover the fun we had in our childhoods through their whimsical Whippet Sticks, and hopefully, you too get the chance to whip up some creations of your own!

And at the very least, if you don’t come up with anything mind-blowing, you could always make what my toddler did—a mess.

Whippet Sticks Present—The PROPER Way to Play With Your Food!—My Toddler's Whippet Mess

Until the next, I remain,

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Disclaimer: Whippet provided compensation for this post, but as always, all thoughts and opinions remain my own!

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54 replies on “Whippet Sticks from Dare | A Great Family Snack!”

If I was ever given a chocolate bunny it didn’t get eaten – it got played with which got a little messy. Future years brought me eggs and bars.

Well! How weird to I want to appear here… haha. I used to eat marshmallow cookies (not sure if the brand was Whippet, but the same round style) by eating the chocolate coating off first, then the marshmallow, and finally eating the biscuit bottom. I to this day eat Smarties by sucking the colour off, letting them air dry on a paper towel, and THEN eating them. Don’t laugh. It thins the shell in a surprisingly delish way :0

I never really played with my food at the dinner table. We loved tossing popcorn or marshmallow minis in the air and catch them in our mouths. The person with the most in a row wins. That one is always fun.

As a kid I can remember taking bologna and poking two holes in it for eyes to see through , I’d hold it up to my face and a nose and a place to stick my tongue through to just be silly. lol

I used to love helping make cookies when I was young . I enjoyed using cookie cutters to make fun cookie shapes.

I don’t do a lot now, but when I was a kid we had the classic potato mountain and gravy lava a lot.

I have a funny story about kids playing with food.
My two year old had two pieces of grilled cheese and one of them was telling the other, “Stop playing and eat your lunch.
The other toast replied, “I don’t have to listen to you. You’re just a piece of toast.”

I did not like much as a kid. I would separate all foods from each other. Eat the ones I was not fussy on first, save the ones that I really liked for last. Anything sweet that is a different story.

when I was young my dad and I would twist on our oreos to see who got the side with the filling, he usually won

I didn’t really play with my food but I use to make mud pies outside and decorate them with different parts of plants.

To this day I have to eat a coffee crisp top layer than bottom and save the middle for last. That is how I eat most chocolate bars. So now you know I only eat them in private. LOL

I have always eaten Mr. Big chocolate bars by biting off all the chocolate/peanuts/caramel on the outside until just the wafer is left. The wafer is my favorite part.

I was perfect angel when I was a kid, but my little brother once poured a whole bowl of cereal over top his head “because that’s what they did in the casper movie”

Sometimes for Thanksgiving we made chocolate sculptures of turkeys. We had 3D moulds and chocolate that came in several different colours.

I know that I was stubborn and refused to eat what I didn’t like. Mum insisted that I stay put and eat it anyway. I’d stuff my mouth and then go to the bathroom, flush and it was gone! I don’t believe in forcing kids to eat what they don’t like, try 3 or 4 bites yes but no more if they don’t like it then that’s fine. Like me they probably will when they are older.

I would take apart my cookies like Whippets and Oreos and eat the cookie part first then the chocolate then the sweet part like the creme or the marshmallow. (I kinda still do.)

I didn’t play with my food but I remember pretending that I was a chef and that I was the one who made everything on my plate

Something I still do is to tie my licorice strings in a knot before I eat them. And if I’m eating Nuts N Bolts, I put the cheerios on the pretzel sticks. lol. I really need to grow up. lol.

When I was little my oldest sister and I played with Kraft Dinner, we had a game to see how many noodles we could get on our forks at once.

I never played with my food as far as I can remember, but I still to this day eat one food choice at a time and keep the best tasting one for last.

I used to make sandwiches with supper when I was younger.Sometimes it was a spaghetti sandwich, or beans or scalloped potatoes , and well just about anything that would fit on a piece of bread.I don’t do that anymore but now my daughter does.We nicknamed her “sandwich”.LOL

My late grandma told me her girls using viva puffs cookies like hockey pucks at the table passing them back and forth and when the game got old, they’d squish them

So, naturally that gave me & my siblings the idea to do it too!

I wasn’t allowed to play with my food as a kid lol. My son likes to take teddy graham and make an group with them and they all play around rogether

When I make lunch or snacks for my grandchildren I like to arrange the food to look like a flower, animal, or bug.

When toasting marshmallows, I’d get them really crispy on the outside then eat the mushy inside, followed by the outer shell. Not very creative, I know.

I don’t play with my food, but my son likes to eat oreo cookies with a fork (for easy milk dipping). I have never heard of whippets before but they look like a cookie I loved growing up called ruffles.

I cooked a chicken with hot rocks when I was in girl guides. I thought that was pretty creative. It was also really tasty.

When I was a kid, I used to pretend my broccoli were tiny trees and I was devouring a forest of deliciousness. Yeah that’s right…I totally LOVED my vegetables. Still do.

I hate my foods touching each other, as a child and a adult haha I am a boring, boring foodie, no play here. But I love treats and whippets 🙂

I like to make pictures with the veggies on my plate at dinner.
When I was a kid I would often mix everything together and then flatten it into a circle, cut it into triangles and pretend it was pizza.

As a kid i use eat Oreo’s by scooping all of the filling out and making a giant ball of it and then eat it.

When I was little I spent every second weekend at my dad’s house where I had two stepsisters who were 10 and 12 years older than me. So when I was 5, my stepsisters were 15 and 17. They would go out with their friends and/or boyfriends on Saturday nights, and I would be sad to be left at home, so they always promised me they would wake me up for a “midnight snack” when they got home. I’m not sure if it really was ever at midnight (probably, knowing them), but they always did keep their promise – they would sneak me out of bed when they got home and we would make “creations” which consisted of big bowls of icecream, and then all kinds of toppings such as whipped cream, sprinkles, syrups, chocolate chips, crumbled cookies etc. It was so much fun!! I loved creating all kinds of delicious ice cream treats with them in my pajamas.

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