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Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad—Work With Me—Casey in a SportChek Shoot

Father to two. Husband to one. Second to none.

Casey is a Canadian Dad from Toronto, Ontario who shares his fatherhood journey at Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad, one of the few places to find fatherhood content in the Great White North. He shares his story because it’s different. He’s a Black father. He comes from a multiracial family. His family’s an urban family, looking to thrive in the city rather than run out to the suburbs like so many families have before them. This has his content come from a very unique place in Canada’s digital landscape, with Casey continually evolving it to tell the best story possible.

And all that work’s been paying off—he’s been in traditional media countless times, mentioned in publications like National Geographic and Lonely Planet, and spoken on podcasts and stages dozens of times over. And all of this when he’s not busy creating the thousands of pieces of content you can find on his blog, his podcast, Chatting with Casey, and the social media sites that make up his digital home.

Feel free to continue below to hear more of his story, or drop him a line if you want to find out more!


Gabe Mederos, Vice President, Integrated Media Strategy at Weber Shandwick

“Casey Palmer is easily one of the best influencers that I have had the pleasure of working with. During my time at TELUS, I had the opportunity to work with and get to know Casey and he has consistently blown me away with the quality of his content and the high levels of engagement he has with his audience. Casey is extremely creative, super dependable and multi-talented, all qualities that are important for brands when evaluating influencer partnerships.

I would most definitely recommend Casey Palmer to any brands looking to work with an influencer who can create engaging, quality content, and I am excited about continuing to work with Casey on some exciting initiatives moving forward!”

Page Casmiro, Senior Communications Manager, Influencer Marketing, TELUS

“Working with Casey Palmer has been an absolute pleasure. He clearly recognizes the value of authentic content, which is well showcased in this written and social content. Having a solid understanding of his audience, Casey has been able to share our brand’s narratives in truly relatable ways. More importantly, Casey values professionalism and consistently delivers well-produced content on time, every time.”

Olivia Botros

“Casey is one of the friendliest and most personal influencers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Amidst his unbelievably busy life and airtight schedule, he somehow makes time to learn the personality of a brand and works to compliment. Not only are his posts well thought out, detailed, and hit every key message, but they’re also objectively a pleasure to read. The man’s hilarious!

I have always been able to count on Casey to go above and beyond with his content. He gives 110%, 120% of the time.”

Desiree Diaz, Dezign Creative Services

“You put yourself out there and created a pretty unique perspective. You stand for human rights. For Black culture. For family. For TRUTH. For education. For adventure. I have always enjoyed your blog and your fresh take on pretty much anything you associate yourself with.”

Kyle Fox

“Casey, I’ve always appreciated your blog. Reading it is a breath of fresh air compared to most of the stuff we see publicly shared on social media these days, and it’s all original as well!”

Awards & Recognition

Listed as one of Citizen’s Black Content Creators to Watch on Instagram

Listed as one of Kidlet’s 20 Black Parents to Follow on Instagram

Chatterblock’s Best Parenting Bloggers and Influencers in Toronto

Kin Community Member

Canadian Association of Black Journalists Member

Toronto Bloggers Collective Member

Co-Host, Brothers in Booze

2020 Dad Blogger of the Year

The Dad Blogger of the Year 2020

“The person who won, with almost half of all the votes—which is incredible… was… Casey Palmer!

Casey’s a really good blogger and he’s also a cool cartoonist and a super-nice guy and very well-known in the parenting community and beyond and he’s in Toronto and he’s awesome and super-friendly….”

James R.C. Smith (all said while impressively parenting his daughter in his lap!)

Children’s Mental Health Ontario Digital Ambassador

Grin’s Best Dad Influencers of 2020 to Inspire Your Influencer Campaigns

2017 Diversity Action Network Black Business Award’s 50+ TOP DAD BLOGS OF 2021, Top Dad Bloggers of 2020, TOP DAD BLOGGERS OF 2018 & Dad Bloggers to Look Out For 2017

This fun and Canadian Dad has a great podcast, some incredible stories about Black Canadians and a fun section about all of his travels as a Dad abroad. Follow Casey as he attends fun events, parenting and creating killer content. Above all, his positive energy is so catchy and he will be that blog you need to be yourself and explore what life has to offer.

Feedspot’s Top 20 Millennial Dad Blogs and Websites, Top 50 Canada Parenting Blogs, Top Father RSS Feeds & Top 100 Father Blogs & Websites

Runner-up, Best Personal Blog, 2014 Canadian Blog Awards

Radio & Podcast Appearances


Daybreak South with Chris Walker | Theme song: sounds like a bongo; NDP caucus; changes to B.C. curriculum; Kelowna Farmers’ Market; Oliver mayor on ER closures; Kelowna senior mentors international students; Arrow Lakes levels; Kukpi James Tomma returning to land after wildfires (starts at 1:53:49)

Quebec AM with Julia Caron | Sep. 7, 2023: Dad as ‘lead parent’ – how roles at home are changing

Global News AM640 | The Alan Carter Radio Show | What Kind of Dad do You Want to Be?

Night Side with Barb DiGuilio | How A Dad Raised To ‘Toughen Up’ Teachers His Sons About Masculinity

The Parenting Show | Sunday, March 10th 2019—Dads’ Edition

The Todd Shapiro Show | Episode 549

Accessible Media Inc. | Kelly and Company

CBC Metro Morning with Matt Galloway | Stereotyped?

RCI | Canadian blogger Casey Palmer on black experience stories


U Talk | Casey Palmer

Black Canadian Creator Podcast | The Black Canadian Creator Directory #WeRightHere w/Casey Palmer and Kaya Marriot

Discover More | 82. Black Fatherhood, Canadian Culture, and Impactful Lessons from 20 Years of Blogging — Casey Palmer

Discover More | #83. Canada’s Mosaic Culture, How to Navigate Productivity vs. Creativity, and the Art of Radical Alignment — Casey Palmer

Resilient People | Raising Black boys with Casey Palmer of #blackdadworries

The Flawed Dad’s Guide to Parenting | Episode 11: Interview with Dad Influencer Casey Palmer

The Flawed Dad’s Guide to Parenting | Episode 52: Casey Palmer Opened the Big Door

Soy Super Papá El Podcast | Casey Palmer: “Am I Worthy of Fatherhood?”

Wake. Dad. Drink. Repeat. | #BlackDadWorries with Casey Palmer

Rewatchability | #367: The Pursuit of Happyness with Casey Palmer

Rewatchability | #316: The Lion King with Casey Palmer

The Canadian Dad Podcast | Episode 14: Fatherhood Writer, Casey Palmer

Welcome! by Karim Kanji | Episode #111: Casey Palmer

Masculinity on the Rocks | Episode #111: Casey Palmer

Miss Confidentiality | Episode 18: Miss Doubtfire

The SocialDad Podcast | Episode 4: Talking with Casey E. Palmer—Dad Blogger

Chatting with James R. C. Smith of SocialDad about my life as a dad blogger and what fatherhood’s taught me so far.

Fatherhood is Dope | Season 1, Episode 2: Casey Palmer

The Nomadad Podcast | Episode 5: Busy Dad Trying to Leave a Legacy

WOWTV | Healthy Mom Healthy Baby | Daddy Blogger Aftershow Jul 3 2014

The Zach Bussey Show | “Episode 2”, “Episode 56—Mixing Things Up with DoomzTO”

Seminars, Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Canadian Small Business Women Black History Month Panel

Dad 2.0 2020 | Bring Your Own Chair

Lean in Canada | Men Lean In

Pathways Canada | LinkedIn & Networked


“Our workshop was set up in the 1 Milk 2 Sugars PR office, and was run by the incredible photographer Casey Palmer and DIY and lifestyle blogger extraordinaire Natalie Ho of My Little Secrets. Casey was hilarious and engaging, and talked to us about how we can take advantage of the cameras and smartphones we have to create powerful images. He also gave us some basic tools for editing photos, including some app suggestions and Photoshop tutorials.”

— Rent Frock Repeat

The Community Economic Action Group | Putting Your Money to Work Workshop | Changing Your Money Mindset

Scotiabank | Influencer Lunch ‘n Learn Presentation | Panelist

Parenting 101 | Keynote Speaker

Children’s Aid Services of Toronto | Foster Parent Recognition Event 2019 | Keynote Speaker

East Enders Against Racism | Live From The 3.5—The Black Canadian Narrative with Casey Palmer

Crescent School | The Tale of Tales from the 2.9

Youth Employment Services | Turning a Personal Brand Into a Personal Business

Humewood House Black History Month Event | Panelist

MC, Govfest Battle of the Bands, 2014-18

Being Interviewed

Global News | How the COVID-19 pandemic has freed up overscheduled families

Modern Mama | How Does He Do It?… with Casey E. Palmer

This Week in Blogging | Talking Niche Blogging with Casey Palmer

When I hear the words “Canadian dad,” I immediately think of Casey Palmer, and that’s an attestation to the brand building that Casey has done over the years. I reached out to Casey to talk about niche blogging because his journey towards finding clarity with his site hasn’t been a straight path. In my humble opinion, it’s much better to interview those who has learned and overcome than it is to talk to those who struck gold with the first swing.

CTV News | Black people are ‘exhausted’: Describing the challenge of coping

Black people are “exhausted” after decades of violence and oppression and don’t know how to handle the “new-found attention that perhaps we didn’t expect,” says Toronto blogger Casey Palmer.

Toronto Sun | SEX FILES: Confronting our own relationship to racism

“Black people are tired,” says Palmer. “Black people are numb. What we need from our non-black partners isn’t wondering why we’re not more outraged at everything going on—we need them to understand why we pray that there’s hope it’ll all lead to a better tomorrow.”

National Newswatch | Anxieties over racism heighten for many black Canadians in COVID-19 isolation

The Globe & Mail | Headphones, recess and screen time: Parents adjusting to challenges of working from home with young children

CBC Canada 150 | Tales from the 2.9: exploring black Canadian culture, one creator at a time

Toronto Sun | Why we need to stop congratulating Ryan Gosling for being a good partner

To get some perspective, I spoke to my friend Casey Palmer, a husband, father and Toronto-based blogger that I just so happen to consider to be a model human being. He had lots to say about Gosling’s words.

“It’s actually pretty sad that we see heroism in something that should be pretty commonplace to the everyday dynamic between adults in committed relationships!” Casey said. “There’s no way I could juggle my job, my blog, and quality time with the family without my wife taking care of the boys at home and keeping our house intact in the process. Perhaps we hail Ryan as a hero because it’s what we simply wished we saw more of in our lives? Honest, raw appreciation and respect for the sacrifices needed to raise a family.”

NOW Toronto | Coronavirus: How parents are creatively balancing work and child care

CHCH | Morning Live | Parenting Panel #39

CTV Your Morning | Black History Month

HuffPost | These Parents Want Their Biracial Kids To Feel Seen And Heard At Their Schools

HuffPost | Teaching Boys About Masculinity: How Dads Without Role Models Do It

AfricNews | This is Culture TMC | Black representation matters

HuffPost | How Parents Can Help Kids Of Colour Navigate Race And Racism At School

HuffPost | Dads Get Burnout Too, But Many Feel They Can’t Talk About It

The Conversation | Dad bloggers want social change for Father’s Day

HuffPost | Baby Archie Is Making History, But Is The World Ready To Change With Him?

HuffPost | Black Canadian Identity Doesn’t Mean Just One Thing, Says Toronto Dad Casey Palmer

The Globe & Mail | Dads who write on fatherhood share their fears, lessons and best moments

The Toronto Sun | 5 things men can do to be better partners

If I was to nominate anyone to head up the Canadian off-shoot of husband school, it would be my friend Casey Palmer, the Toronto-based parenting blogger and dad of two.

As he likes to point out, “you will NEVER fully understand what it’s like to have a period, be pregnant or give birth, so stop trying to downplay it because you have an “awesome pain tolerance.”

Vice | Parents Tell Us the Shit They Wish They Knew Before They Had a Kid

Bustle | 25 Dad Quotes To Share On Father’s Day 2017

What’s notable about this one is that my quote was chosen alongside the likes of Dwayne Wade, Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, Michael Bublé, Chris Rock, John Legend, Jon Stewart, and Jerry Seinfeld!

Words With Michelle | Casey Palmer: Writer, Daddy Blogger & Podcaster

We hear a lot about mommy bloggers (and rightfully so. Mommy’s rock!), but you rarely hear anything about daddy bloggers, much less a daddy blogger of colour. So I felt it was my duty to find out more about this pioneer.


He’s beaming with charisma, shares amazing insights on his platform and demonstrates what it means to be a phenomenal family man on top of juggling a full-time career and digital platform. Below he shares some words of wisdom for any fellow Dads looking to start a digital platform/blog and his “I’m Not Dead, I’m Just a Dad: Where the Dad Bloggers At?” highlighting the lack of Dad bloggers in this digital space is entirely worth the read. Casey also has an amazing message about removing the stereotypes surrounding fatherhood, and how he wants to be perceived in his role of parenting alongside his beautiful wife Sarah. Hint: he’s no bystander.


Casey is, well, Casey. Charming, down to earth, and has the ability to make you feel like you’ve known him for years. If you’re in Toronto and pay attention to Twitter, you’ll notice that Casey is all over. He provides commentary and takes AWESOME pictures.

The Give Blog | A Facebook Live Primer for Non-Profits

Casey is a prolific social media user, content creator, and wicked smart dude. I consider his blog Tales from the 2.9 to be an extraordinary gift to the blogosphere. You must read it. Casey has partnered with many top brands to engage his audience in brand stories.

Big Daddy Kreativ | 11 Questions with… Casey Palmer.

Casey is a fellow blogger, and his blog is one of my favourites to read. Why? Because it is raw, and he tells a story with honesty and passion.

Suburban Tourist | Three Dads Tell It Like It Is: Parenting From Dad’s Perspective

Four Columns of a Balanced Life | CASEY PALMER: CANADIAN DAD

SocialDad | Interview: Four Fathers

DIY Daddy | Brilliant Dad Feature Week 109

Government of Ontario | Filing Your 2019 Tax Return Pamphlet

Work With Me — Government of Ontario | Filing Your 2019 Tax Return Pamphlet

Video (and Other Interviews)

National At-Home Dad Network | How Perspectives Change as Our Kids Grow

The Victory Speaks Show | Keeping it Real with Black Canadian Content Creators

CityTV Breakfast Television | Approaching the Topic of Black History with Your Kids

Dad on Purpose Podcast | Episode 31: Dad Life with Casey Palmer

CTV Your Morning | Find something for every type of Dad with this epic Father’s Day gift guide

From socks to sauces, blogger Casey Palmer shares ten thoughtful gifts for Father’s Day.

Getting Real with Paula | Speaking to Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

Global News | Baby real talk: Helpful tips for new dads

Black Canadian Content Creators | BCANCC DECOMPRESS LIVE w/ guests Samantha Kemp-Jackson and Casey E. Palmer

Toronto Public Library | Black Owned Toronto: Community Beyond Business

Brothers in Booze | Brothers in Booze Welcomes New Co-Host

Fathering Together | Casey Palmer Interview

Wake. Dad. Drink. Repeat. | Today’s Dad Definition: Casey Palmer

Brothers in Booze | Welcome BACK Casey Palmer!

Brothers in Booze with Casey Palmer!

Instagram Live: Amy Worrell from Milk and Coco

A discussion with Amy Worrell—the “Milk” of Milk and Coco, to discuss race and how others can become better allies in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

Instagram Live: André Proulx of André Wine Review

Discussing wine with André Proulx of André Wine Review and the 80x wine company as we discuss the intricacies of wine including location, weather and temperature.

Let’s Just Do This! | Casey Palmer, Blogger, Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

The Morning Show | Do parents need mandatory lessons on raising kids?

Yummy Mummy Club | Naked Dadding Roundtable

CBC News | Business | ‘Deceptive marketing works—social media ads grab attention of regulators

Guest Posts

Daddy’s Digest | Build the World You Want Your Kids to Live In | After COVID: Can We Ever Go Back to the Way Things Were? | What Do You Do When The World Goes On Pause?

HuffPost | It’s Time to Appreciate the Father’s Role in the World of Parenting | So We’ve Decided to Become Anti-Racist. Now What?

HuffPost | Dear Son: A Letter to my Favourite Little Guy

Parent Tested Parent Approved | All Dadded Up with Nowhere to Go: 6 Months In

Adventure in Baby Savings | Guest blogger reveals life change as a new dad


The Good Men Project | I’m Not Dead, I’m A Dad

The Good Men Project | What Is A Dad, Anyway?


Tangerine: Forward Thinking | The ABCs of Personal Finance

Toronto dad Casey Palmer gave his two boys a similarly early introduction to the world of work.

Though Palmer doesn’t believe in allowances, he gives his kids – aged 5 and nearly 8 – a fair portion of the revenue any time they’re featured in one of his popular social media posts.

“We then have detailed conversations about the money and what it’s going to be used for later – things like real estate or school,” said Palmer, who writes about his family at

“I want them to understand the correlation between effort, money, and future returns.”

Palmer also recommends leveraging your child’s interests for lessons about money. For instance, he used his son’s passion for Pokémon to teach him about stocks.

“I said that if you’re a big fan of Nintendo and Game Freak and the companies that make Pokémon and you think they will grow, you could put money in them now predicting that the value will increase.”

“He started to see there were many layers to how money and the economy work.”

National Geographic | Families are leading a new wave in Black travel. Here’s why

Bumping into another Black family in the wild has been rare, says Palmer, who is working on a book about Black fatherhood slated for release in 2022. And that’s one of the reasons he continues to get out there with his sons—to show them Black people camp, too.

“The world is a big place, and I don’t want myself or my children to feel boxed in by any restrictions that come from their upbringing or something someone tells them,” says Palmer, who adds he hopes to be able to take his kids to climb Mount Kilimanjaro when they’re older.

CBC Life | How I feel beautiful at home: 20 Canadians share their cherished personal rituals

“The pandemic taught me that I have to find excitement in much simpler things than what I’d rely on before, so one thing I look forward to each Monday is my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist that adds at least something different to my routine.

Why does listening to my playlist make me feel beautiful? I carefully curate my playlist with songs that elicit an emotional response because they’re tied to lessons in my life. Successes. Failures. Everything in between. I learn to express those memories through music.”

– Casey Palmer, Toronto, Ont., project management office lead

Ultimate Ontario | The Best Ontario Breweries According to Top Bloggers

Knowledge First Financial | 5 Ways to Make the Most of a Pandemic Holiday Season

La Première financière du savoir | 5 façons de profiter du Temps des Fêtes malgré la pandémie

In a year unlike anything any of us have seen before, it’s become painfully clear that there’s a lot we’ve taken for granted in the times that came before. We’re missing out on family celebrations and soaking in the holiday cheer. We’re learning to live with Zoom fatigue and find new things to keep us going in our spaces—2020’s had us experience life in an entirely different way, and it’s not quite done with us yet.

Alive | This Is What Happens When You Become a Dad

Unsolicited advice

People love offering advice for new dads (this article included). Sometimes, the profundity is questionable. “I was told not to stand over my kid because their eyes would get stuck looking up,” laughs blogger Casey Palmer, a new dad in Toronto. “It taught me from early on what advice to take and what we’d need to figure out by ourselves.”

Alive | Breaking the Man “Mould”

Palmer also doesn’t shy away from talking about self-care—whether physically or mentally—on his blog. He admits he wasn’t always conscious of his mental health: it was only when he experienced a breakdown at 16 years old (from being overloaded with school, sports, and work) that he learned the importance of minding his mental health.

This Week in Blogging | The Best Blogging Tips From Longtime Bloggers

“Find your reason for doing it beyond money, fame or free swag. It took me a long time to clear through all the noise and figure out WHY I wanted to keep creating, and if I was doing it to turn a profit or get a certain role, I probably still wouldn’t be at it. Find out why you do it, and it’ll help you find out what sets you apart. But don’t plan to figure it out overnight.

Lonely Planet | The best boots for winter travel, according to the experts

DownshiftingPRO | Where should I go in Canada? ABC’s of Canadian Cities & Towns

Children’s Mental Health Ontario | Lessons for Father’s Day

travelingmitch | Lovers of Toronto Breweries Rejoice, Here are the Best Breweries in Toronto!

attn: | Challenges Interracial Couples Deal With That You Don’t Think About

Huffpost | The How-We-Met Love Stories Parents Want To Share With Their Kids

Apocalypstick | Apocalypstick’s Most Interesting People Under 38

Ann Douglas | Happy Parents, Happy Kids

Casey Scheibling | “Real Heroes Care”: How Dad Bloggers Are Reconstructing Fatherhood and Masculinities

Jim Richards Showgram | 2x Call-in Guest

Aaron Alfred | Inspired Q&A

The Good Men Project | If You Could Pick Your Kid’s New Year’s Resolution, What Would It Be?

My kid’s only going to be seven weeks old at the end of 2013, so it’s going to be a year of big changes. My resolution will be pretty speculative because of it.

Resolution: To learn that being changed, clean and getting dressed actually make you feel better, not worse!

Sample Brand Work

ParticipACTION | Global Morning Show: Help Your Child Stay Active

TELUS | Stories—Canada in 150 Hours

Catelli 150th Anniversary | Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

A+ | 5 Dad Things I Never ‘Got’ As A Kid

A+ | Here’s The Truth About What Happens When You Become A Dad. It’s Incredible.


Daddilife | Best Dad Blogs

Casey Palmer is a Black Canadian Dad which automatically makes him stand out from the others on our list. He happily embraces his heritage and has recently helped create the Black Canadian Creator Directory. However, he wouldn’t be on this list if he wasn’t a great father and he didn’t share useful information, so go check him out.

Daddy’s Grounded | Casey Palmer Talked on Canadian TV Today About How to Approach the Topic of Black History With Your Kids

Casey Palmer, a fellow dad influencer, was on Breakfast Television speaking about talking with your kids about Black history.

Casey is an amazing dad, creative, and on-camera personality. He’s full of great advice on parenting, craft beer, poutine, and a plethora of other subjects.

Casey also created and maintains the Black Canadian Creator Directory.

You can find him at

GTA Weekly | Top five Mother’s Day ideas to show love and affection

In this pandemic, we’re all looking to be creative. To make Mother’s Day special, surprise your mom with virtual gifts. From beading workshop from Anice Jewelry, Dutch paint-pouring class from
A.naDesigns to virtual escape room experience from Looking Glass Adventures, these are some of the activities you can do with your mom to help her celebrate Mother’s Day – even with restrictions this May.

For more ideas on activities you can do with your mother, check out the blog from Canadian blogger Casey Palmer here.

National At-Home Dad Network | April Newsletter

We are big fans of Casey’s writings and viewpoints on fatherhood and his ability to step into the gap and speak out about his blackness as a father. His article from 2020 #BlackDadWorries captures insight into the timely events of the world and how it impacts dads. Casey’s influence on his website, podcast, and articles written about him provides dads with a worthwhile perspective to take the time to read and follow as he continues to pursue his top-notch influencer qualities.

Thrifty Mommas Tips | Black History Month Writing Prompts and a Few Resources

The Art of Fatherhood | These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 7 – The Great Dads Up North – Canadian Dads

[Casey] loves sharing the stories of everything that he and his family experience. Casey looks to balance his passion with his family and the work that keeps them fed. He does that so he can give them everything he can to lead the best lives possible. That is a definition of a great dad. His podcast, Chatting with Casey is a podcast that’s all about family, food, fashion and faith. Plus he will talk about travel and tech. You will really enjoy all of his work!

Fellowship Christian Reformed Church | Fellowship “Elbow Bump” for July 17

To help us understand the senselessness of all of this, and to help us know a bit about the people that died, Casey Palmer recently posted this graphic to keep us from forgetting.


Articles – it’s been a busy month online, and there are a lot of pieces that have been created or re-surfaced with a lot of opinions. Like many subjects on the internet, it is easy to go down the wrong rabbit hole. Opinion-based pieces are not what I’m after, I want facts and knowledge. Reputable sources and pieces with actionable suggestions are useful. As well, there are pieces that just speak to my heart as a mama to three young boys.

Fellowship Christian Reformed Church | Fellowship “Elbow Bump” for June 3

This is not a time for the church to remain silent. Yes, we need to listen and learn. Yes, we need to give primary voice to those whose voices have been silenced. But we also need to speak up, to make the gospel’s position clear, to call out the sinfulness of a segregated church, to identify and refuse to support institutions and systems which perpetuate racial injustice. As Casey begs of us, to never forget.

CBC Arts | Virtual art listings for the week of June 8: Your 10 best bets for online events

Casey Palmer blogs about parenthood, speaking with heart and humour about his experiences as Black father. Palmer’s knack for articulating the everyday challenges and joys of being a dad make his work must-read material. On June 11th at 8pm ET, Palmer will be having a frank and illuminating conversation with fellow parent blogger Amy Worrell of Milk and Coco via Instagram. The two are taking questions about how non-Black people can be better allies to the Black community.

Dad 2 | “Daddy Changed the World!”

My boys are still young, but they’re growing up quick, developing worlds and lives of their own. And while I’d love just to sit back and let them develop on their own so they can build senses of self in the truest sense of the phrase… the world we live in won’t let me do it.” — Casey Palmer

Dad 2 | Dad 2 Podcast Episode 33: Take THAT, Jennifer Aniston!

“Casey Palmer, he has a podcast as well, but he was talking about his… #BlackDadWorries, and he comes at this from a different perspective—he has a white wife and biracial kids.”

— Doug French, 18:35


Casey is yet another Dad from Toronto, who talks about his fatherhood journey because his story is different from the Canadian norm. He’s a black father, who comes from a multiracial family and is able to provide a perspective many others cannot. Beyond the great regular content on the site, Casey has also worked with other black Canadian contributors on a series of podcasts to examine what it means to be black in Canada which is important to check out regardless of your background.

Metro News Toronto | Blogger Shifting the Cultural Narrative

CBC Metro Morning | ‘Tales from the 2.9’ introduces you to a black Canadian every day of Black History Month

The Mabelhood | The Best Dad Bloggers You Need to Follow on Social Media

Casey writes about raising his multi-racial family of four in an urban setting (Toronto). His interests include tech, food, travel and his parenting swoon-worthy littles. Check out Casey’s Instagram, in particular, to see all the ways he’s nailing this fatherhood thing.


“Casey just might be the hardest working dad blogger in Canada. The Toronto father of 2 churns out stories at and posts to insta @caseypalmer. He’s a dad who advocates strongly for his multiracial family and his community. Between family, tech, food, and travel, he has an awesome life in the making.”


“The world of blogging has helped to connect me with so many incredible people, including the one and only Casey Palmer. He documented his recent trip to New Orleans for the Dad 2.0 conference. I had wondered about attending ever since I first heard about this conference for dads, so I definitely appreciate the insight and camaraderie.”



“A few weeks ago, I was chatting with Casey Palmer – a father of two with a full-time job. On the side, he runs an increasingly successful blog, that presents him great opportunities. But despite that, his blog is often priority three after his family and career. That means that the things he wants to do to grow his brand (video, podcasting etc.), are relegated to ‘future plans’ rather than active projects. With just enough time to put effort into his blog, how can he scale to do more?”

Life on Manitoulin | Why We Love Dads ~ Happy Father’s Day to all the Amazing Dads out there!

“There’s one thing to be said about parenting—There are many fun (and funny) moments to be shared! No one makes me laugh quite like Casey from Casey Palmer blog does! The man is as funny online as he is in person. I can vouch for that since Casey and I went to Detroit with Ford Canada together. Just don’t give the man any Jolly Ranchers!

I love reading posts about Casey’s adventures as a new dad. His writing makes me smile (and laugh). I’m looking forward to following his adventures in parenting. In the meantime, here’s a favourite: I’m Not Dead, I’m Just a Dad.”

PegCityLovely | An Enticing Challenge, My First #NaBloPoMo

“I’m thankful that I still am surrounded by people that write great blogs like my friend Casey Palmer. I subscribe to his newsletter and every time I receive a new post in my inbox, I read it and many times I comment. This morning I received his latest post where he had written about the fact someone commented that he appeared to write more about being apologetic for not posting more often, than posting. He also works a full-time job and has kids and a busy life yet he found the time to write a post and publish it for all of us to read. If he hadn’t done that, if I didn’t support and read his blog, I would never have seen his post about #NaBloPoMo the National Blog Posting Month. Kudos to you Casey!”

The Urban Daddy | It’s Friday! Time For The Urban Daddy’s Must-Read Blog: Introducing Casey Palmer!

I was introduced to Casey’s writing through a Canadian Daddy Blog group on Facebook and I was immediately hooked. I like Casey’s posts, I like his outlook on life and I like the way he interacts with the other dads in the group but I really like his lists. ? After seeing one of his lists, I have to run back and adjust or re-do mine.

I have a couple that inspire me, make me laugh and totally fuel my wanderlust. Here’s some favourites: Casey Palmer, Globetrotting Mama & Solo Mom Takes Flight.”

APEX PR | Follow February: Podcaster Zach Bussey

Besides being my friend, his blog is always interesting. If you’ve ever wanted to see someone who obsesses about the quality of his content it’s him.

— Zach Bussey


“Part of the reason why I wrote my newest book was to encapsulate the first year of my daughter’s life, capturing my thoughts and experiences at the time. In similar fashion, Casey Palmer recently wrote a letter to his son on the occasion of his fourth birthday (his kid’s birthday, not his birthday). It’s like a time capsule that lives on the Internet.”

Dad Things | Dad Blog List

Reappropriate | Yes, It Matters That #AAPI Bloggers were Left Off The #FreshOffTheBoat Bus

Root—The UTS Alumni Magazine, Spring 2017


Canadian Dad | Canadian Dad Bloggers | Top Daddy Blogs 2020

Return on Relationship by Ted Rubin | Top Dad Bloggers Of 2018

Out and About

Artists’ Reception with JEFF BARK and EDWARD BURTYNSKY

Paradiso Restaurant Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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