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The 2010 20K Day 34

Last Updated: November 21, 2020

Okay, I felt that yesterday’s post was a little weak. A little rushed. A little lacking in substance. I apologize for that. Some days I get carried away with random thoughts and don’t really take any time to insert any thought to structure, logical flow or really, anything firmly rooted in good communication. I can’t promise that it won’t happen again, but I’m just explaining the insanity!

Today was a good day—wrapped up the week of work—the next couple of days should see some serious work get out of the way! Expect improvements, planning and all-around goodness from yours truly!

Today was also a good day due to some talks with a potential client – it’s a fresh project that’s a little different from things that I’ve taken on as of late – I hope to only bring good news about it in the coming weeks, but of course, as with many of my projects, it’s all hush-hush for the moment 😊

So to all y’all waiting for designs? Updates to projects? All that Doomz goodness you know and love? Keep an eye on your email addresses in the next four days 😉

I don’t want to leave you guys without anything for today, so here – a quick colour prelim for yesterday’s sketch – the final will very likely be different from this, but I hope you get the idea from what you see.

Anyway, I’m more bushed than a National Park. Have a great one, y’all, and check in over the coming days – I’m going to try and churn out so much product that heads will spin!

The Numeros:

  • The 2010 20K Running Total = $108.14


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