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Last updated on January 27th, 2024 at 03:46 pm

Hey, all. I figured I should make my announcement here since you are probably the only people who’d care enough to read it.

This summer I’ll be working at…


…wait, I already work there. Oh, wait.

This summer, I’ll be:


Yeah, man. This is a great opportunity—I can put down work on designing a corporate website without having any formal design degree on my resume. Sick. The backstory itself, though:

Around Christmas, I was commissioned to design a card for my branch. Well, my managers were so impressed with it that they faxed it out to all the branches in the district and the head offices for the region (despite the two women who tried to cuss me out for drawing them badly—I removed the entire freakin’ staff from memory! Gimme a break!)

So, that was then, and last Thursday, our Manager of Customer Service (MCS) told me I’d got a call from the region’s Manager of Sales and Service (MSS) because they wanted to add some youthful new life to our region’s webpage. My name was remembered from the Christmas card. w00t! So I met with the MSS yesterday, and it looks like I’ll be working part-time downtown in the head offices on the website and producing a newsletter.

Which means paper. And paper makes the world go ’round.

So things are busy, but well.

See y’all soon,

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