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Last updated on July 8th, 2023 at 10:48 am

After six years of floundering about, I’m finally on the way to my graduation—I’m typing this on the bus as I … well, type. It wasn’t my best-planned morning—I managed to forget to:

  • charge my BlackBerry last night
  • bring the charger for my camera battery at home
  • bring hand lotion, and
  • charge my iPod (it’ll be a miracle if the battery lasts all the way to York U)

But it’s all good. I’ll be glad when the day is done and I never have to return to campus again. And as an alumnus, they better be damn sure that they’re not getting any dough from yours truly—I can be mad stingy when I wanna be. (Holla.)

Anyway, not much else to note in this entry—I hope this weekend is fairly calm—I could use the rest.

Peace out, homefries!!!

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