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Last updated on February 19th, 2024 at 12:54 am

You can talk all you want about the things you intend to do, but it’s meaningless unless you actually do anything about it! I definitely want to get the schedule for this blog back on track—the last while has seen me getting posts in with minutes to spare before midnight, and that’s not a practice I want to see becoming a regularity for my blog. The more I can get done ahead of time, the more time I can spend working on getting the blog more exposure, giving it a crisper look and making sure that it’s nothing short of a genuine, 100% effort at good blogging! So here I am, getting my ideas on paper (so to speak) so I can get back to getting quality posts about quality topics without worrying about missing anything due to last-minute rushes. I’ve been crafting this one in particular since what I’m told are the “wee hours” of the morning (though I do this so often that it just seems to be “normal hours of operation”, in my opinion) working on a few entries to get a handle on the flow of the blog. I’m thinking that it’ll be easiest if I ferry my ideas between a text file on my laptop and an ongoing email on my BlackBerry. I can make this work 😊

So what’s keeping our protagonist up on an early Tuesday morning?

First off, with yesterday’s voice post, I spoke about the need to improve my blog by reaching out to other communities. If you’ve ever attempted to write a blog, you’ll know that this is no easy task. Developing relationships with new groups of peers is much like developing the bonds we have amongst friends, family and coworkers away from the computer. In many cases, we have years to do this—but in a global technological climate where we want everything yesterday, we never really give ourselves the time to really cultivate and nurture the social relationships needed to really get something out of belonging to a community.

But none of this would even be a concern if first steps were never taken, and thus that’s what I’m doing! Two sites where I’m either joining or further defining my presence are Brazen Careerist and 20-Something Bloggers.

Brazen Careerist

The first comes from NJ, who’s always been good at getting my back, making sure that I take advantage of all the material the Internet has to offer to make myself a better blogger. NJ linked me to a post which was discussing the best advice one could get for starting a blog, from a panel of people who’d been at it for quite some time. Some things I’ve already learned from the post she sent include:

  • Finding a blog mentor to tell you what you’re doing
  • Investing the time in writing good content over ensuring that you’re writing daily (thus, I need to find the balance between the two)
  • Networking your butt off to make sure that your blog isn’t lost in the ether of the Internet

Some of the advice on the post was self-contradictory, but you take what you want for what it’s worth, and that’s bound to happen when you have 20+ people contributing their words of wisdom! I think I’ll be home in time for some Network Roulette, so hopefully I’ll get to know some people there 😊 If you’re also an avid blogger, feel free to come check it out with me!

20-something Bloggers

20-something bloggers is a site that Simone had introduced me to way back in the early days of the 2010 20K—a site for the demographic of blogger mentioned in the site name to get together and discuss their blogs, how they go about writing them and various other related items. I’ve had a profile there for a long time, but I let it lapse. I’m going to go get active again, and maybe I’ll find some other people interested in the same sorts of things 😊

This is the beginning of a very rudimentary plan. The general topic of my blog isn’t something new, but it’s also something that never really gets old. So I’m sure there’s a ton of people out there writing on how one can improve various areas of their life—financially, health-wise, at the job, etc..—I just need to find the good ones.

So my readers—if you can help a little, it would be appreciated. The question:

Any awesome self-improvement bloggers or sites that you know about out in the world?

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed a little glimpse into the world that I’m working with right now. While I stand here between stations on the TTC waiting for them to sort out their signal problems, let me take a quick second to remind you about a few things:

  • I’m always open to any question you want to ask—just drop me a line in the comments or on my Formspring or Tumblr
  • I’m still keeping an eye out for anyone who might be interested in writing guest posts. I’m really going to be intensifying the quality of posts that’re coming from me in the next while, so if you’ve got something to say about improvement and you can say it well (or need help saying it) feel free to drop me a line!

Alright, y’all—make sure you have an awesome day—if you’ve got a blog out there of your own that you’re grinding on, I’d love to hear about it 😊

Until next time, my friends,

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