Netflix Stream Team | Season One, Episode Two β€” Baking Up a Storm with Netflix! (A Case Cringle Christmas, Day 7)

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, everyone breathed easierΒ because it marked the last day of A Case Cringle Christmas!

It’s been a solid week of posting here in Casa de Palmer, with giveaways galore sandwiched between reviews, reflections and a healthy dose of mischief, I’ve takenΒ this pile of swag that Sarah eyes with disdain every time she steps into the house, looking for readers who could makeΒ far better use of it than me.

But aΒ huge thanks to everyone who’s been part of the funΒ this week β€” great contests make way for even betterΒ prizes, and your support helps me grow this blog from a hobby into something with a little moreΒ presence.

AndΒ speaking of presents, almost as if that play on words wasn’tΒ completely intentional, ofΒ course I’m ending the week withΒ one last giveaway β€” but you’ll have to bear with me a bit before we get there ????

Netflix Stream Team, Season One, Episode Two β€” Baking Up a Storm with Netflix! (A Case Cringle Christmas, Day 7) β€” The Danforth East Palmers' Christmas circa 2014

GIVEAWAY: A Case Cringle Christmas, Day 6 β€” In Security Mode Thanks to Belkin Qode!

I can hardly believe it’s been over 4Β½ years since I scrambled to get my hands on an iPad 2 so I could have it while overseas, knowing that the lightweight tablet paired with an Apple Keyboard would travelΒ far better than the 17″ MacBook Pro I rocked then. I still have it at home β€” its Magic Cover’s seen better days, frayed and torn from years of wear and tear; the skin of Justin Bua’s Piano Man II still sticking proudly to its back after everything it’s been through. Though I’d later move on to lighter laptops and smaller tablets to get things done, I knowΒ full well that my iPad wouldΒ never have lasted as long as it has it wasn’tΒ protected. Several adventures and devices with matching cases later, it’s a lesson I’ve carried with me, working hard to make the most of my tech in a world where everything’s become so… disposable.

That said, for Day 6 of A Case Cringle Christmas, I want to offer you the same sense of security I feel when I use my devices, and make sure one of my readers winds up with a Belkin Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for the iPad Air 2!

GIVEAWAY: A Case Cringle Christmas, Day 2 β€” My Toddler, Me and a Little Cloud b!

HeyΒ there Internetland, and welcome to the second installment of a Case Cringle Christmas, where I find cool stuff to give away, but you get itΒ after Christmas, since everyone needs a pick-me-up once those credit card statements come in, amirite*?!

Since I’m a bit of a blogger sans niche, you can expect allΒ sorts of things with my Christmas giveaways β€” yesterday we introduced the Alcatel onetouch Idol 3 for you folks in need of a new smartphone, but today we’re taking things in anΒ entirely different direction!

As the blog’s grown in 2015, I’ve become all too familiar with our Purolator, FedEx and UPS distribution centres from the packages I miss while at the 9-5**.

I’m used to stuff coming through the door for me to give away and review, but as my brand starts maturing into aΒ family blog, I’m discovering that my #BloggerLife’s beginning to impactΒ other members of my household asΒ well.

A Case Cringle Christmas, Day 2 β€” My Toddler, Me and a Little Cloud b! β€” Little Man Looking Happily at the Christmas Tree

GIVEAWAY: A Case Cringle Christmas, Day 1 β€” Keep Your Phone Game on Fleek with the Alcatel onetouch Idol 3!

Ahoy there, Internetland β€” you couldn’tΒ seriously believe I’d let the Christmas season pass me by without putting out someΒ sweet giveaways to celebrate the holidays, right? Though not as expansive β€” or admittedly,Β prepared β€” as the Techmas event at my buddy Zach’s site, I’ve partnered with a number of brands who have allΒ sorts of things they’d love you to have to ring in the New Year!

The first gift good ol’ Case Cringle has for the good little girls and boys out inΒ Internetland is the Alcatel onetouch Idol 3, a 5.5″ Android smartphone that can do just about everything other flagship phones can do, but at aΒ fraction of the price!

But let’s get something straight from the drop β€” this phone isΒ not impervious toΒ gravity.

I first got my hands on the Idol 3Β back in June when Citizen PR invited me to BMO Field so I could witness an announcement first-hand Β as Alcatel onetouch partnered with Toronto FC, and a Dwayne de Rosario Testimonial Match as icing on the cake!